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We are not a traditional Marketing Agency, we are a Platform that provides you with all the digital tools for your business.


M.C.P Group USA LLC decides to create the first platform in the world for all companies in all sectors and in all countries.
He decides to create a team of professionals in Communication, Marketing and IT to work on creation.

April 21, 2021

Launch of the platform worldwide and provision of the first tools to companies.

Presence on the platform, presence on the main social networks, automated and self-managed Mini Web in 26 languages, Online store, reservation system, sales team management system and many other options for a single annual payment of $ 200 or 170 €.

April 25, 2021

Implementation of the sponsorship system for companies and individuals, to be able to generate monthly and residual income to self-finance their own Marketing.
The system is fully automated globally and everyone has a virtual office to manage their affiliates and earnings seamlessly.

Our commercial and Informatic teams are working to bring you new options soon so that Goinfopro is the Marketing management center for your Company.

May 17, 2021

Global launch of GoinfoproMarketPlace.
Implementation of free online store creation system, no monthly maintenance fees to pay. Our platform will only take 5% of the sale price plus bank management fees. Your online store only costs you 5% when you sell, otherwise it costs you nothing in creation, maintenance, or hosting.

The GoinfoproMarketPlace online store service is included in the Diamond pack of $ 200 / year or € 170 / year of the Goinfopro platform.

June 1, 2021

Global launch of the Goinfopro Academy. All the people who will be registered on Goinfopro as a company or as an affiliate, will have free access to virtual courses, free for the most part, to use all the tools made available by Goinfopro, Marketing , Communication, Basic IT, management of social networks, management of new commercial techniques, etc ….   

Access to Goinfopro Academy courses is included in the Diamond pack of $ 200 / year or € 170 / year of the Goinfopro platform.

In the next weeks.

During 2021, we will bring you tools for Emailing Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, WhatsApp Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Country Accounting Services, etc … You will be informed of all new developments on our platform. These future services will be paid options, but Goinfopro will remain your professional platform at the best price for your Marketing.

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